Sachiko Matsunaga  


Graphic Concentration Course Diploma, Bodwell Internet School, Canada
ボドウェル インターネットスクール グラフィック集中コース ディプロマ カナダ
English Literature, Tsuda College, Japan
津田塾大学 英文学科 日本


July 18th - July 31st 2014 |
flipbook cafe 2014 summer drawing flipbook “Fade Into U
ぱらぱら漫画喫茶展2014 わすれもの 鉛筆画ドローイングぱらぱら漫画作品「Fade Into U」を出品
Sep 24th - Sep 29th 2013 |
Holiday 2013 puppet animation works “peaceful days vol.3” by “onigirimo”
Holiday 2013 人形アニメーションユニット「おにぎりも」として「静かなシリーズ第三作」を出品
Apr 9th - Apr 21st / Sep 7th - Sep 15th 2013 |
flipbook cafe 2013 drawing flipbook “5to7” based on 60s french movies
ぱらぱら漫画喫茶展 2013 60年代のフランス映画をベースにしたドローイングぱらぱら漫画作品「5to7」を出品
Sep 13th - Sep 18th 2011 |
Holiday vol.6 puppet animation works “shizukana series vol.2” by “onigirimo”
Holiday vol.6 人形アニメーションユニット「おにぎりも」として「静かなシリーズ第二作」を出品
June 6th - June 12th / June 25th - July 8th 2011 |
flipbook cafe vol.04 graphic flipbook “KOUZLO”
ぱらぱら漫画喫茶展 vol.4 グラフィックぱらぱら漫画作品「KOUZLO」を出品
Holiday vol.5 puppet animation works “shizukana series vol.1” by “onigirimo”
Holiday vol.5 人形アニメーションユニット「おにぎりも」として「静かなシリーズ第一作」を出品
Nov 5th - 16th 2008 |
SOSEKI Exhibition graphic animation works inspired by soseki natsume’s novels
SOSEKI展 夏目漱石の作品にインスピレーションを受けた映像作品で参加

I have been really into Czech Animation since 2001. It is very intriguing for me that Czech creators have developed
their unique non-verbal expressions in their history.

Experiences that I saw tons of animation by Jiri Trunka and Jiri Barta from Czech Republic, and Kihachiro Kawamoto
from Japan took me to Canada in 2002, which is famous for “NFB”, where especially Norman Mclaren had created
fabulous animation works and I thought it would be a good environment to learn such art-oriented things.

I have still kept on creating mainly puppet animation and flipbooks since 2004.
Its analog tactile imagination from puppet animation, and fresh color-scheme ideas from natural beauty in Canada
still inspire me a lot with my works. Also, a lot of space-layout is a key feature of my works. Its idea basically
comes from Japanese calligraphy that I was familiar with when I was a child.